5 Must-Know Website Design Personalization Strategies to Boost Conversions

More and more brick-and-mortar stores have started to divide their focus on the online world. A website is one factor that lays the foundation of any online business. According to DemandSage, about 73% of businesses have a website, which makes it evident that it’s crucial for aspects of online business.

But here’s a catch, as more and more retail transactions are shifting to the virtual world, there can probably be less room for the personal touch. Establishing a personal touch is undoubtedly an important factor in retaining customers. 

When it comes to a website, creating a personal touch is not just about the aesthetic, but more importantly, it’s about creating a memorable experience. And in this blog, we are going to discuss just that.

Without further due, let’s dive right into how business owners can create a personal touch in their website design.

Audience Segmentation

The first step of website personalization begins with displaying exactly what the viewers want to see, and this is where audience segmentation comes into the picture. 

As the name suggests, audience segmentation is dividing your audience into different groups as per their age, gender, location, interests, and the list goes on. This allows the business owners to make buyer personas, which further helps in tailoring the marketing efforts to better engage with the audience.

Audience Segmentation


Contextual Advertising

If you’re a web publisher or blogger relying on ad revenue, optimizing the ad placements contextually is a must. Bombarding visitors with the ads is a sure-shot way to increase the bounce rate, leaving the users never to be coming back.

To ensure you have a user-friendly experience, make sure ad placement is done right. Publishers or bloggers can tap into various contextual advertising solutions, such as native ads, in-feed ads, etc, and place them evenly around the website.

Contextual Advertising

Location Data

Content that aligns with the user’s location is more likely to be more relevant and valuable to the visitors. Moreover, it heavily influences the languages your website uses while interacting with different types of audiences.

Location data can help with presenting more personalized offers to your audience. For example, if your audience segments are based in an area where it rains a lot, you could advertise products or services specific to that weather or create content around the same. You can continue to curate ads and content that aligns with such specific conditions in a given region.

Behavior and Time Spent

Next, analyze and understand how visitors interact with your website and, based on that, prompt them with a suitable CTA.

A visitor who spends more time reading your blog/article will be more likely to convert. Prompting such visitors with CTA like “Buy Now” or “Try a Demo” will seem to be more relevant.

On the other hand, users who spend less time interacting with your website will be less likely to convert. Thus, prompting them with aggressive CTA can make them leave the website. In such cases, presenting informative, soft Urgency, and Benefit-Oriented CTAs will help.

User Behavior and Time Spent on website

Examine your Hypothesis

While it’s fine to experiment or form hypotheses, it’s important to approach testing with a methodical and thoughtful mindset. From time and time again, performing A/B testing can help. It helps you determine whether or not your personalization experiments are working. If this sounds too overwhelming or complicated to you, you can consider hiring a digital marketing agency


Final Words

The priorities and preferences of the audience change over time, thus continuously optimizing your web personalization efforts. Keep iterating your existing web design over time and make sure your website experiences resonate with your audience. 

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