In addition to providing highly personalized and effective services to our client, Algonetix has established and uncomplicated and transparent refund and cancellation policy. We will process all refund requests in accordance with our refund and cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

lgonetix has an easy going and transparent cancellation policy. The policy’s terms are listed below.

– Please contact our billing department or your account manager with any cancellation requests. The cancellation won’t be effective until it has received approval from the relevant department.

– Requests for cancellations will only be taken into account if they are submitted within 12 hours of placing the order and before project execution has begun.

– Algonetix will not be held liable for any third party services, such as hosting, site development, content writing, etc.

Refund Policy

Algonetix does not guarantee any returns upon cancellation due to the nature of its services. In the case of a monthly payment, it is understood that the payment for the following month will not be made until the performance of the previous month has been evaluated. Algonetix does not guarantee anything based on traffic, rankings, or anything else and will not be held accountable for any requests for refunds related to this.


If we determine that you have overpaid for a product or service, the amount of the over-payment will be automatically credited to your Algonetix account and can be used later to pay for other products or services.

If you would like your over-payment refunded to your bank account, you must submit a refund request to The request must include the required details such as the invoice number on which the over-payment was made, the date of payment, the method of payment and the amount of the over-payment. Upon receipt of your request, it will be processed in accordance with our Refund Policy.